About Us

aboutThank you for allowing us share our love of dogs with you. We are a family breeder. We have owned and bred dogs since 1996 and professionally bred our 4 wonderful working breed since 2006.

We particularly fancy and breed Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux (also called the French Mastiffs). These are amazing working dogs.

Living in a part of the world where the need for security is paramount and a must-have, you would agree that keeping a guard dog would mean a lot more than employing a security man. Like I always quote ‘You can bribe a Security man but you can never bribe a dog’. Dogs are indeed your loyal friends and partners. They would defend you even if it were to cost them their lives.

There are no other animals in the world that compare to these wonderful dogs. In our breeding program emphasis is placed on proper type, temperament and health screening of the dam and sire in order to minimize and eliminate genetically inherited diseases that are commonly disregarded by “back yard breeders” and puppy mills.

We have been importing puppies from some of the world´s best pedigree to improve our bloodlines, and we have carefully matched these bloodlines to ensure the best out of our litters. This makes our breeding program unique.

Since exercise is a key to our breeding, we arrange training and exercise sessions regularly for our canine friends. We implore the use of balls, ring training and most importantly all our dogs go on the treadmill at least thrice weekly. This ensures their overall health fitness.

Also, our dogs feed strictly on chicken and some of the world best Premium Dog Food as Diamond Pet Food and Taste of the Wild Pet Food. We are a major distributor of Diamond Pet Food herein the south of Nigeria. You may view our dog food page for more information.

We have a limited number of litters each year because we are very selective with our mating in a constant effort to maintain and improve our bloodlines and maintain the breed standards. Revolution kennel as the name implies is all about CHANGE and new ideas towards ensuring breed excellence.

We also help our clients import some of the most amazing puppies and adult dogs from some of the best kennels in Europe, USA and other parts of the world. If you require a particular breed we don’t have, we can help you find one.

We offer the ‘BEST or NOTHING’. Quality is key to us here at Revolution Kennel and we will never compromise this.

We welcome guests and breeders locally and from around the world to visit us and also share the wonderful experience of meeting our dogs.

Before you buy a dog from us whether for Pet, Show or Breeding, we advise that you view our Breed History & Litter Pages respectively, this will help you understand more on your intended dog breed and what you need to know when selecting a puppy. This is very important.

Any dog bought from us is accompanied with a full health certificate (issued by our vet), Revolution Pet Passport and a Pedigree note.

If you like a STUD service with any of our MALES, we may be able to arrange a supervised mating for you.

We like to say a big thank you to our friends/breeders from around the world whom have contributed to the success of our breeding program:

Anita Molnar (Dogs-Land, Dogue de Bordeaux Kennel from Hungary), Mladen and Petra (Vom Hause Edelstein, Rottweiler Kennel from Croatia), Branko Lazic (Haus of Lazic Rottweiler, Serbia), Gyula and Edit (Safety of Flatland, Bullmastiff Kennel from Hungary), Oskar Kelemen (vom Kelemen, Rottweiler Kennel from Serbia) to mention a few.

We hope you will enjoy viewing our site, as we will regularly post updates as often as we can on our dogs and litters.

We will love to get your queries, contributions and feedbacks.

Please check out Policy Statement Page

Thank you.

Ojie Okosun