Policy Statement

  1. 247px-gold_seal_policy.svg_As a matter of ethics, we will breed and sell ONLY 100% Pure bred dogs

  2. We will ENSURE puppies/adults sold are fully vaccinated and de-wormed before sale. We will NEVER sell sick dogs.
  3. We will deliver puppies timely to their new owners only after 8 weeks.
  4. New owners and intended buyers have a right to visit our kennel on appointment to see our dogs (Serious buyers ONLY). This will help them make up their minds on which breeds they want and also have an opportunity to see all our dogs LIVE.
  5. Our dogs leave our Kennel with a certified Revolution Kennel Pet Passport, Vaccination History card and a IV generation Pedigree will be mailed by post 60 days after puppies arrive their new homes.
  6. That we will NOT sell our puppies to homes where their health, hygiene and diet cannot be maintained.
  7. That we have a right to the decision to sell or not to sell our dogs to anyone we deem not fit to have our canines without prejudice on our Kennel.
  8. We will be available to give helpful tips on feeding, care, exercise etc to new owners whenever they need our second opinion.
  9. Everyone on our reservation list gets puppies first before any other. We will sell our puppies based on reservation.
  10. We may review this statement at anytime to soothe its purpose and to further improve our breeding standard.

– Revolution Kennel Team