Important Tips You Should Know Before Buying A Puppy

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Puppy beagle

Puppy beagle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Please take out time to READ) – Written by Revolution Kennel Team

Question to the Buyer

  1. Are you personally comfortable enough to care for and acquire a dog as a new member of your family? It is very common for people to continually keep asking questions over the internet and phone as: “How much is this puppy”, “I love this dog and I like one”, “Price please” etc. The truth is, not everyone can afford a good dog. Dogs are there for some persons to just admire and for others to own. It’s the bitter truth. Dogs are additional members of your family and they need as much love, attention and care as a child would. Are you ready for this? Do you earn enough to feed and cater for a dog? If not, don’t bother getting one. Dogs need a balanced diet and not just rubbish and remnants from the home to survive. This MUST be considered.
  2.  Do you have space in your home for a dog? Dogs do not need to be locked up under the sun in a cage/kennel all day or left under the rain in a chain until it is time to feed them or for them to guard your home. This is barbaric and if you have no space to soothe their comfort just as you would your child, then don’t bother owning one. Dogs have so much energy in them and need to burn it out now and then by running around your home and frequent exercise.
  3.  Does your spouse, children and immediate members of your family like dogs? If yes, then that’s a huge step to guarantee general love and care for the dog in your home. If no, there is no way that dog is going to be happy there if he/she is loved by just you and hated by other members of your home. Never impose a pet on your family. You must strike a balance in your home before bringing a dog home whether for pet of for guard. Dogs do better and tend to be more dedicated when they sense total love in the home.
  4. Do you intend to buy a dog strictly for security or breeding? If yes, then don’t bother. Dogs will only be the best guards once they have enough love and care from their masters. Female dogs most times never have puppies in a home where they are not loved, some people breed dogs for years and they never get pregnant and some male dogs never father puppies as well. This may be a case of inadequate care, love, time and devotion to the dogs. Breeders who buy dogs solely for the sake of breeding in the absence of genuine love for the dogs are called: PUPPY MILLS. This is bad and must be discouraged.

Questions You Must Ask A Breeder Before Buying A Dog From His Kennel

  1. Ask to see the dog´s health/vaccination history of the Sire, Dam and puppies. Responsible breeders put money back into their breeding program.
  2. Are the pups current on medical care? Worming, shots etc. These should be on a written record or in a card for each puppy at the breeder´s.
  3. Ask why the breeder chose to breed this pair. Conscientious breeders think ahead, considering pedigrees, the dogs themselves and many other factors before the breeding.
  4. What have the breeders or their buyers accomplished with previous puppies? Are they consistently producing puppies that you would want in your home?
  5. Ask about price. You need to find a puppy that has what you want and is within your budget, even if it means making payments (reservation). It may take a while to find just the right puppy. Responsible breeders incur a greater cost in breeding their dogs due to the good equipment used, vet expenses, quality food and proper training.

NOTE: Good quality puppies are expensive when compared with others from puppy mills. You must not compromise quality for cost. This is most time the case from our experience at Revolution Kennel with buyers in Nigeria and around Africa. They end up buying rubbish from puppy mills and return back to us after a few months or even years to get a PURE BREED. That could have been avoided. At Revolution Kennel we FORBID breed adulteration.

What you should ask to see before buying a puppy

  1. See all paperwork (most importantly, vaccination history) you need to see after the breeder shows you puppies and you are satisfied and interested in buying.
  2. See parents, if possible – even if it means a trip to the stud’s home/Kennel, it is definitely worth it. You may be able to see what other pups he has produced as well. You want to make sure you see offspring that you like. You may also ask for links to past litters, stud and sire of the litter you are interested in.
  3. Ask to see the whole litter, if possible. Seeing how they interact can tell you how they may place themselves within your home. Most times some breeders lie about puppies, saying puppies were born from a Sire or Dam which may be false.
  4. Go into the breeder’s home. If the kennel/home isn’t clean enough for you to enter, go no further. If the breeder’s dogs are not healthy – leave. Home breeders most times are preferable because they have a close relationship with their dogs.
  5. See the pup you want away from its nest. You want to see how it would accept you one-on-one, which is likely how it will act when moving into your home.

This article might not make sense to a few readers but would be helpful to most. Getting a puppy/dog can be compared with adopting a child into your home, no measure or checks is too much to be sure that you are getting the best.

REVOLUTION KENNEL´s mission is to forever up-hold the breeding standards/ethics. We will raise this flag of genuine breeding as high as possible for others to see, understand our mission and emulate irrespective of the challenges we may face during its course.

Thanks for your time. We sure would welcome constructive comments and contributions to this article.


Written by Ojie Okosun on . Posted in Purchasing

  1. You must not buy a dog, if not all family members agree towards the care of this new member of the family.

  2. You must not buy a dog, if you have no time, no money or no patience. Keeping dogs is not cheap.
  3. You must not buy a dog, if you don’t like to go for walks. People who sell dogs telling you that they do not need much exercise are frauds. Dogs need regular exercise. It helps them socialize and also build a super temperament instead of aggression.
  4. 4. You must not buy a dog, for your kids to have something to play with. Dogs are not toys. Children and dogs have to be carefully supervised until they both attain a level of understanding of each other.
  5. 5. You must not buy a dog expecting great accomplishments. You will be disappointed. Dogs are just like kids, you get what you give.
  6. 6. You must not buy a dog if you are a neatness freak or hypochondriac. The dog would drive you insane. Dogs require some basic training to understand you need your environment need e.g.: toilet, obedience training etc.
  7. 7. You must not buy a dog for the sole aim of breeding if you do not understand what it takes to breed. Breeding is a skill and is very expensive. It is also time demanding. Every dog owner can’t be a breeder even if you had very good dogs.
  8. 8. You must not buy a dog if you are not a caring, loving person. The dog would mentally dwarf and become aggressive. Most times no matter how much you feed this dog, he never grows and most times, female dogs will never have puppies in such homes.
  9. 9. You must not buy a dog without having gathered information on the particular dog breed beforehand. You need to read books and literatures online about your intended breed before buying one. Breed characteristics differ; bear this in mind before getting a dog.
  10. 10. A dog is no merchandise but a sensitive companion to humans. When buying a dog, you must consider the breeder and his breeding scheme, environment and general practice, this affects dogs when they bred. Only dogs bred in a happy family can enrich your own family. Only get the best and never buy a dog because it was cheap.

At REVOLUTION KENNEL, We will never compromise our quality over money, that’s why we breed only pure-bred dogs. Our dogs are raised with love, care and passion in the best breeding environment.