Kennel Blindness (Part 1)

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Our Definition: Kennel blindness is a “disease” which renders a breeder incapable of seeing faults in his own dogs. Kennel blind breeders tend to twist and distort the standard to justify the dogs they breed. In their eyes they breed the best and no other person does.

SYMPTOMS of Kennel Blindness

An inability to see and appreciate the good qualities in a competitor’s dogs.
Kennel blind breeders tend to focus on negative features in dogs other than their own.

Our Suggestion: Re-read your breed’s standard keeping in mind that most standards delineate the essential aspects of a breed, allowing breeders the freedom to express their own concepts of the non-essentials. In this way a range of excellence may be produced in a breed without sacrificing each dog’s ability to fit into the standard.

The Bitter Truth

The belief that you have bred the “perfect” dog.
No “perfect” dog has ever or will ever be bred in any breed. Even your best can always be improved upon.

Our Suggestion: Realize that your concept of what is ideal may change. Experience with a breed may gradually change the priority a breeder gives to certain features. A stickler for correct heads may gradually start emphasizing angulation and movement, realizing that the latter are also essential aspects of the breed.


We can do better in our dog breeding if start welcoming criticism, comments & helpful tips with open arms. It is also nice to commend other people´s efforts and softly let them know what they are doing right or wrong.

At Revolution Kennel, we are open to this.

If this article was helpful, it will be nice to have your comments coming in.

Have a good week ahead you.

Revolution Kennel Team.

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