littersWait a minute! Read this before buying a puppy from us or any other kennel

Puppies are no doubt, adorable bundles of wagging tails, soft eyes and warm puppy kisses that pull at your heartstrings, begging you to take them home. As difficult as it may sometimes be, the choice of a puppy should not be made on the spur of the moment.

Doing so has often resulted in the acquisition of a dog that does not meet the expectations of his owner. Often times these dogs are eventually resold and, unfortunately, some end up dead. Indeed, this is not the fault of the poor puppy; the inexperienced and uneducated owner is to blame.

This is why at Revolution Kennel, we run you some important tips to guide you in selecting a puppy whether or not you are buying this puppy from us or other kennels.

Before buying a puppy, talk to several owners about the breed you are interested in, gather information and make an informed choice. Each breed was developed for a specific function and, as a result, their personality and traits may not match your lifestyle. Be sure to become completely familiar with the breed you are interested in before deciding to buy a puppy. Remember, your puppy is depending on you to care for and love him for life. The is where you will find the link to OUR DOG BREED useful in our webpage.

Afterwards, the next Question we ask at Revolution Kennel is what you want from your chosen breed:

Show or Pet?

If you have your heart set on a show dog, remember that all dogs should always be, first and foremost, your companion, deserving a lifetime of love and good care. If you intend to show your dog, you will want to obtain a pup that displays the qualities that are necessary for the show ring. Keep in mind that until a puppy is fully grown, no one, not even the breeder, can be sure that the puppy will indeed grow up to be a good show dog. But at Revolution Kennel, we are careful in selecting show quality pups from each of our litter and we have been 90% correct over the years. This is so because at birth we carefully study all pups and that way, we see their individual potentials.

You will be buying a puppy that has what is termed “show potential.” This means that the pup possesses good show conformation, and if he continues to develop along these lines, he should become a good show dog. Unfortunately, it is common for conformation to change as the puppy grows, and some promising pups don’t quite develop according to their potential. This is why at Revolution Kennel we carefully study bloodlines before breeding. This way, we can GAURANTEE our puppies when whelped.

Although Pet quality dogs may not excel in the show ring, there are many other options such as obedience, tracking, lure coursing, etc. that you may decide to pursue. It is important to keep in mind that the true value of your dog will be in the loving companionship that he provides, and the bond that you develop. Showing should always be secondary to these goals.

If you are looking for a pet puppy, your pup will not have to meet the exact specifications of bone structure and movement set forth in the breed standard. If his shoulder is a little too straight, or his neck too short, it will not matter. Good temperament, however, is one attribute that should never be sacrificed in the pet puppy. It is important that a family pet have a happy, stable personality.

Most time people undermine this but a moderate temperament is better than having a dog with extreme aggression. In our experience at Revolution Kennel most times, dogs with extreme temperament are not recommended for breeding because of the genetic involvement of their character if passed down to their progeny.


Anyone who has ever brought home a sick puppy can tell you how frustrating and heartbreaking it can be. The whole experience can turn what should be an exciting, happy time into a nightmare.

A sick dog can be compared to a sick child. There is no way he can be abandoned and this will mean you spending so much money at the vets.

Be sure to perform a visual inspection before purchasing any puppy. All pups spend a lot of time sleeping, but when they are active they should appear alert and energetic. Bloated stomachs, except possibly right after eating, can be a sign of worms. Eyes and noses containing a mucous-filled discharge can signal a viral or bacterial infection. Never take a puppy home in this condition. The stress of being in a new environment can quickly worsen the problem. It is up to the breeder to provide the puppy with proper care.

Likewise, a puppy that is vomiting or has runny diarrhea, especially if it contains blood, should be immediately treated by the breeder’s veterinarian. This might be a symptom of parvovirus or some other disease. Even if it is not, puppies can dehydrate quickly and this, in itself, can prove fatal.

Also observe the way in which the breeder cares for his dogs. Are they well fed and are their living conditions clean? Do the dogs show affection towards the breeder? Clues that suggest otherwise may mean you should look elsewhere for a puppy.

At Revolution Kennel we do not only do the business of breeding, care and health checks are also very important to us, this is passed down to our puppies.

Important Tips Before Buying a Puppy

A) Questions To Ask the Breeder

  • Ask to see the dog´s health/vaccination history. Responsible breeders put money back into their breeding program.

  • Are the pups current on medical care? Worming, shots etc. These should be on a written record or in a card for each puppy at the breeder´s.
  • Ask why the breeder chose to breed this pair. Conscientious breeders think ahead, considering pedigrees, the dogs themselves and many other factors before the breeding.
  • What have the breeders or their buyers accomplished with previous puppies? Are they consistently producing puppies that you would want in your home?
  • Ask about price. You need to find a puppy that has what you want and is within your budget, even if it means making payments. It may take awhile to find just the right puppy. Responsible breeders incur a greater cost in breeding their dogs due to the good equipment used, vet expenses, quality food and proper training.

NOTE: Good quality puppies are expensive when compared with others from puppy mills. You must not compromise quality for cost. This is most time the case from our experience at Revolution Kennel with buyers in Nigeria and around Africa. They end up buying rubbish from puppy mills and return back to us after a few months or even years. At Revolution Kennel we FORBID breed adulteration. So don’t ask us for mixed breed please!

B) What You Should Ask To See Before Buying a Puppy

  • See all paperwork (most importantly, vaccination history) you need to see after the breeder shows you puppies and you are satisfied and interested in buying.

  • See parents, if possible – even if it means a trip to the stud’s home. You may be able to see what other pups he has produced as well. You want to make sure you see offspring that you like. You may also ask for links to past litters, stud and sire of the litter you are interested in.
  • Ask to see the whole litter, if possible. Seeing how they interact can tell you how they may place themselves within your home.
  • Go into the breeder’s home. If the kennel/home isn’t clean enough for you to enter, go no further. If the breeder’s dogs are not healthy – leave. Home breeders most times are preferable because they have a close relationship with their dogs.
  • See the pup you want away from its nest. You want to see how it would accept you one-on-one, which is likely how it will act when moving into your home.

Raising Puppies

When your puppy arrives at home, you should have separate bowls for food and water, a supply of the same food that the breeder was feeding, a collar and leash and a few safe chew toys already on hand. You should also have a safe area prepared for him to sleep and play. Planning for the needs of your puppy beforehand can help to make the first few days in his new home easier for both of you.

It is important to continue feeding our puppies bought from Revolution Kennel with Chicken, Diamond or Taste of the Wild Premium Food (as available in your area) as this will help the puppy adapt faster to his new home. Most times, if you automatically change his diet, it might make the puppy stay off food for a few days and you don’t want this.

We will be glad to sell you some of our premium food.

Although you will be excited about your new arrival, and the temptation is strong to show him off to friends and family, it is better to wait. Take him directly home and keep visitors to a minimum. Until he is fully vaccinated with a series of shots, the youngster is very susceptible to several canine diseases, some of which can be transported on shoes and clothing.

During the first year of your puppy’s life, he will be learning about the world around him, what is expected of him and how his actions affect his environment. If his needs for love and care are met, the pup will learn that the world is a safe and friendly place. Puppies learn by repetition, so be sure to be consistent and use positive training methods with lots of praise.

One of your best resources will be a book that is written specifically on the breed of your choice. (Learn from our BREED HISTORY page.) If you purchase such a book, you will, no doubt, refer to it often and it will prove to be an invaluable aid during the first important year of puppyhood. You may contact us for advice, as we can arrange our vets to visit you often.


As puppies grow, they require supervised exercise, just like adults. That is why at Revolution Kennel our team have ample time to exercise our dogs by walking, ring training for the show and all our dogs exercise thrice weekly on the treadmill which helps and balances our dog´s overall fitness. Don’t just feed your dogs and lock them up in Kennel´s. They want to have fun just like you.

Food for Thought

Lastly, you should keep one thing in mind before you take that big step and start looking for a new friend. Dogs are social animals. They crave human attention, and they want and need to be a part of the family. If you don’t have time to spend with your dog, please reconsider if the acquisition of a dog is a good idea right now, or if, perhaps, you should wait until a future date when you will have more time to spend with your friend. When buying a puppy, make sure that you plan to keep him for life, and that your commitment to him is as strong as the commitment he will make to you.


Revolution Kennel is about one of the best kennel´s in Nigeria and in Africa. Our contemporaries in Europe and the rest of the world can attest to our ever urge to get some of the best bloodlines.

We will be glad to sell you a dog (whether adult or puppy) and will always be on hand to guide you whenever you need our professional opinion.